LLN GY Hybrid Land Navigator LITEF


For reliable positioning and heading information

Can be installed in vehicles of all GFF/GTF categories

It would be entirely accurate to describe the LLN-GY as the standard navigation system for military wheeled vehicles. It assists the commander, the crew and the guidance system with a continuous stream of positioning and heading information.

The LLN-GY concept, with an inertial azimuth gyro (FOG technology) and two accelerometers (MEMS technology), has established itself worldwide as the best in terms of price/performance ratio. Successfully approved for the Leopard 2, LITEF has been producing this navigation system continuously for many years. With its small size and its low power requirements, this navigation system can be installed in all categories of GFF/GTF vehicle and was most recently ordered for the Mungo. The LLN-GY has been introduced right across the German Army and is robustly resistant to all known jammer scenarios.

The LLN-GY supports NATO GPS receivers as well as several commercial GPS receivers. The combination of inertial sensors with an external GPS receiver delivers a cost-efficient solution for the life cycle of a vehicle navigation system in military use. With an anticipated service life of more than 20 years, the logistical change of the GPS component must be possible (e.g. to M-code GPS) with minimal changeover cost while the inertial component remains unchanged.

In standard mode, the LLN-GY delivers a hybrid navigation solution, i.e. optimum positioning and heading information calculated from the sum total of sensor data. All LITEF navigation systems are developed, acceptance tested, produced and supplied right around the world in and from Freiburg. Since the sensor solution as well as the navigation algorithms are all from a single source, LLN navigators provide a hitherto unachieved level of system integrity upon which the driver, commander and the higher-level guidance system can depend.

LLN-GY data sheet