More languages and new “Mine Grid” feature for the LITEF LiPAD®-100 app


Freiburg, September 2021 | The LiPAD® app, which is used when using the LiPAD®-100 system for high-precision measurement and alignment tasks, has received an update. This makes is it possible for every user to configure drills even more easily. The number of languages supported has also been increased. In this version, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish have been added to the existing languages of English, German and French. More languages are planned.


Mine Grid feature – no more conversions required

With the "Mine Grid Correction" function, the user can easily rotate the azimuth measured by LiPAD®-100 into his own coordinate system. “The new Mine Grid feature is a result of direct feedback from our customers,” says Dr Andrea Dahlhoff, Head of Industrial Solutions at LITEF GmbH. “We started a sort of wishlist in order to take feedback on board. This list is a win-win situation for both sides: our customers who work directly with our systems are able to voice comments, feedback or requests, we get authentic feedback and are able to implement selected special requirements”. Customer focus plays a major role at LITEF. “Feedback from our customers is enormously important to us because that is the only way we can further develop the app and optimise it for the end users. We are thus able to develop systems which are tailored precisely to the needs of the environment in question. Our aim is to achieve the best possible performance in our products”. One request that has been implemented relatively quickly by LITEF is the number of languages offered by the app. Italian, Portuguese and Spanish have now been added to the existing languages of English, German and French. Depending on customer feedback, other languages may be added upon request.

The free update is available to download in the Google Play Store now:

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