LITEF LiPAD®-100 for high-precision measurement and alignment tasks


Freiburg, September 2021 | With the LiPAD®-100, the Freiburg-based technology company LITEF presents a portable system for high-precision measurement and alignment tasks at MinExpo in Las Vegas and Intergeo in Hanover, and simultaneously online.


Portable system for high-precision measurement and alignment tasks

The LiPAD®-100 is a portable, compact and flexible gyro compass system. The product is based on many years of experience with high-precision fibre-optic turn rate sensors and MEMS-based accelerometers. It is suitable for alignment, measurement and monitoring applications and makes it possible for anyone to carry out measurements after a short introduction. “We are convinced that the LiPAD saves time and money when measuring. Measurements which usually take days with a tachymeter or theodolites are carried out in a few hours,” says Dr Andrea Dahlhoff, Head of Industrial Solutions at LITEF GmbH.


Scope of the LiPAD®-100

The LiPAD system consists of three orthogonally mounted fibre-optic gyros, an accelerometer triad with three orthogonal measuring axes, a digital computer with Bluetooth interface and a rechargeable and removable battery, which can operate the system for up to six hours. The compact system was designed in accordance with ergonomic considerations so that single-person operation is possible. After a short alignment phase, the LiPAD®-100 quickly and reliably provides precisely the right north direction and angle information for rolling and pitching motions.


More freedom of movement in use

The LiPAD® is ideal for regular measurements at fixed measurement points, e.g. within a complex structure which needs to be monitored frequently, and significantly improves the efficiency of the measurements. The small size of the LiPAD® and its magnetic independence make it the perfect tool for installation and regular maintenance checks, even in confined spaces. The device is temperature-calibrated and has no inclination limitation. Regardless of visual contact, wireless connections or GPS signals, the LiPAD®-100 allows for precise measurement of the orientation angle azimuth, pitch and roll, and is not sensitive to any adverse external conditions such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations, high humidity or static and dynamic magnetic fields. The system is also extremely well-suited for measurement in confined spaces.


Digital data transmission in real time

The data is communicated to a handheld device via the internet and is graphically displayed using the app, which is available free of charge. This makes it easy for any user to precisely align the drill. The measurement data can be saved in the app documentation and can easily be communicated to any external computer for further processing. The app then provides support for analysing the data and generating a report. “With the LiPAD, we put an innovative, unique measuring system which is intuitive to use and does not require any specific specialist knowledge from the user into our customers’ hands,” says Dr Andrea Dahlhoff.

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