LITEF LCR-100N certified for RNP-AR on Cessna Citation Latitude and Citation Sovereign+ aircraft


Freiburg, October 2021 | LITEF, one of the leading companies in the development and manufacturing of navigation and sensor systems, is very proud of the certification of the hybrid navigation feature of its LCR-100N Inertial Hybrid Navigator on the Cessna Citation Latitude and Citation Sovereign+ business jets.

By using the LITEF LCR-100N’s Hybrid Navigation capability, the Citation Latitude and Sovereign+ aircraft have been certified in accordance with AC 20-138D enabling the aircraft to perform RNP AR approaches equal to 0.3nm.

The LCR-100N, which blends GNSS and inertial data, provides a source of navigation capability in case of loss of GNSS data.


LITEF LCR-100 and LCR-100N – High precision, outstanding reliability

The LCR-100N Inertial Hybrid Navigator is a variant of the LCR-100 Gyro Compassing AHRS family.

Based on decades of experience with fiber optic gyroscopes and the development of sensors based on MEMS technology, LITEF established its LCR-100 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) and LCR-100N Inertial Hybrid Navigator on the market successfully.

These AHRS based on FOG technology are characterized by light weight, low volume and low power loss, combined with extremely precise sensor data. Furthermore, these systems deliver outstanding reliability. The high precision of the sensors used on the LCR-100 and LCR-100N facilitates autonomous heading alignment (gyro compassing). This completely eliminates the need to use interference-prone magnetic sensors for heading alignment and augmentation. The LCR-100 and LCR-100N can be connected to an external GNSS receiver. In this case, these systems provide ’hybrid position solutions’ for navigation and flight control.

In particular, the LCR-100N variant was designed to facilitate navigation, even during a period of GNSS downtime. The outstanding properties of the LCR-100N make this device especially well-suited to applications that require high levels of performance data and safety.

The LITEF LCR-100 AHRS phased out the previous LCR-92 and LCR-93 systems, with its better performance data and extended capabilities. As standard, the data is output in ARINC 429 format with the option of attitude and heading reference data being output using analogue interfaces (e.g. synchro interface).

Today, the LITEF LCR-100 and LCR-100N are used worldwide in turboprops, business jets, IFR helicopters, regional aircraft and in military COTS applications. This product is not only popular with aircraft manufacturers and operators for new installations, but also for retrofits.

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