When the chips are really down, LITEF Customer Service can of course send out a team of experienced and capable technical specialists to provide on-site service support. This involves us supporting your technical staff and users during the installation, diagnostics in the area of operation and in the search for malfunctions in the general environment of the application. Of course, we also offer you updates and upgrades for your LITEF products. The implementation of customer-specific adaptations or extensions as well as training sessions directly on the units and systems you are using all round off our range of services.


Have you decided to use LITEF products and wish to receive training in how to use them, their operational capabilities and the technical details of our products? Or would you like to continue instructing your employees and customers in available innovations, in more efficient operation and with more in-depth questions? If so, then call for one of our training programmes that provides you with made-to-measure and continuously updated seminars and training sessions for entry-level through to specialist needs. We are always updating our training modules, they follow a consecutive structure and this enables us to help you train your employees from beginner through to equipment specialist.

If you wish, we can deliver our training courses within your company, directly on location, or here at LITEF on our own premises. Here, employees can use tutorial devices and the test environment provided to enjoy successful learning outcomes. When configuring these training programmes, we pay particular attention to the dialogue between trainer and participants. To this end, we restrict the number of participants on all courses. This means that knowledge can be imparted more intensively, hands-on experience with the equipment becomes a central component of training and all of your individual questions have the space and time required for discussion in each training session.


  • Here you can find the current status of the units you have sent in for repair or modification.
  • Here you have direct contact for questions or specific requirements.
  • Here you have technical information and documents such as service bulletins or pilot guides.



Do you have questions or would you like to learn more about LITEF or about specialist services and solutions? If so, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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