Freiburg, November 2023 | Precision meets robustness. With its new generation of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) rotation rate sensors, LITEF presents a sensor with high accuracy in a small design for high vibration and shock requirements.

LITEF's decades of experience in MEMS technology result in flexible sensors that can be optimally adapted to any application – whether in industrial, aerospace, land or marine applications. The asynchronous and synchronous interfaces compatible with the LITEF µFORS family allow the output of temperature-compensated rotation rates, angle increments or accumulated angles, even in data-synchronised multi-sensor configurations. The variously configurable interface parameters allow application-specific adaptation.

LITEF's new MEMS generation allows the production of sensors with a smaller design at lower costs compared to equivalent FOG sensors. This makes the µCORS particularly suitable for applications with high accuracy and environmental requirements with a small size and cost limit.

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