As a company and as an employer, LITEF recognises its responsibility to community and to society.


LITEF is a socially committed company. Our social, ecological and economic responsibility is very important to us, and is the foundation of our actions. We promote and encourage the health and sports activities of our employees. We operate in accordance with a local environmental concept. We support a wide range of social projects as well as the social commitment of our employees. We show commitment to many local schools and higher education institutions.

Sarah Nehrwein
Labour Relations Manager


As one of the largest air rescue organisations in Europe, the DRF is in operation every day, saving human lives. Safety is the top priority and is also assured by LITEF systems. Our products can be found in many aviation applications, for example, here in the Airbus H145 helicopter operated by DRF. The DRF depends upon financial support to enable it to keep on expanding the scope of its life-saving work. LITEF contributes here with financial donations to the DRF, to ensure that the best possible air rescue is also safeguarded in the future.



We cooperate with the German PRM organisation that trades as Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung gGmbH (AfB). The AfB is Germany’s first charitable IT systems business. LITEF donates PCs, monitors and other IT hardware to the AfB. The AfB facilitates workplaces as well as the reintegration of handicapped people into working life.

SCHÜLER-INGENIEUR­AKADEMIE (SIA) [student engineer academy]


Based on the motto "Enthusiastic for the Engineering Profession", LITEF is actively involved in the Student Engineer Academy, the SIA. This initiative is intended to awaken the interest of further education students in engineering as an academic discipline and equip them better for it. To accomplish this, LITEF runs a project called "Experiment & Statistics - What Role Does Chance Play?". This question is pursued using a fictitious example and through practical measurement events, under the supervision of engineers from our company.



"The Discoverers of Today are the Inventors of Tomorrow" – another reason why LITEF actively supports young people. At the annual Science Days event, our trainees always present interesting projects. With our financial support for 'Jugend forscht' [Research by a German youth science competition] and our active participation, we can assist with vocational guidance. In cooperation with schools, we conduct regular application training sessions. On Girls‘ Day, LITEF motivates girls for technology.



LITEF is dynamic and agile. This is also illustrated by about a dozen company sports groups whose many and varied activities receive active support from ourselves. As well as popular sports such as football or tennis, many of our employees keep body and soul together by ice-skating, climbing or playing chess. In addition, LITEF meets the majority of costs for the "Koronar" sports group that is also open to external participants. Under the guidance of a certified sports instructor, the group exercises specifically to prevent cardio-vascular disease.


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