Safe in extreme situations: LITEF navigation solutions – innovative, robust and precise


Freiburg, September 2021 | LITEF will be presenting navigation and stabilisation solutions for the army, air force and navy under the slogan “Safe in extreme situations” at the DSEI in London from 14 to 17 September 2021. The product presentation focuses on platform stabilisation and inertial navigation units for land navigation. LITEF will also show products for military aviation.

Platform stabilisation

LITEF has been developing and manufacturing high-precision sensors and inertial measurement units that are used in a wide variety of applications for decades. The unparalleled focus on reliability and robustness is the backbone of all current and future developments to ensure accurate data in any situation.

LITEF’s fibre optic sensors and inertial measurement units (IMUs) do not have any moving parts and are therefore insensitive to shock and high vibration loads. Military weapon stations use these advantages as well as missiles and guided missiles for the most diverse mission requirements; but the special properties of the sensors and IMUs from LITEF are also appreciated in the stabilisation of optics, antennas and radar systems. High reliability and no maintenance also guarantee low life cycle costs for the user. Future products will be complemented by MEMS-based sensors and IMU in variable accuracies.

Land navigation

LITEF systems prove their precision and reliability in the field in wheeled vehicles for infantry as well as in heavy battle tanks.

In standard mode, LITEF land navigators provide a hybrid navigation solution, i.e. optimal position and location information calculated from the sum of sensor data. They support both NATO GPS receivers and multiple commercial GPS receivers. Combining the inertial sensors with an external GPS receiver provides a cost-effective solution for the life cycle of a vehicle navigation system in military use.

LITEF land navigators (LLN) provide unmatched system integrity that can be relied upon by the operator, the commander and the higher-level command system.

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