LLN GX Hybrid Land Navigator LITEF


Inertial navigation system with six degrees of freedom

Cost-effective solution for a vehicle navigation system in military use

The LLN-GX is an inertial navigation system with six degrees of freedom that simultaneously provide the full functionality of an attitude reference system.

After successful years of operation in battle tanks and armoured personnel carriers, the LLN-GX received a new gyro unit (FOG-IMU) as well as additional interfaces for display and control devices as well as guidance systems. Retaining logistical compatibility, the current generation comes with RS-422, CAN-BUS or Ethernet interfaces to the avionics.

The LLN-GX supports standard NATO GPS receivers as well as several commercial GPS receivers. The combination of gyro unit with an external GPS receiver constitutes a cost-effective solution for the life cycle of a vehicle navigation system in military use. With an anticipated service life of more than 20 years, the logistical replacement of the GPS component (e.g. to M-code GPS) must be possible with minimum conversion effort. The inertial component (FOG-IMU) is retained when the GPS receiver is replaced, and it guarantees a reliable navigation solution, even when the enemy is using jammers.

Im standard mode, the LLN-GX provides a hybrid navigation solution, i.e. optimum position and attitude information calculated from the sum total of sensor data. All LITEF navigation systems are developed, acceptance tested, produced and supplied right around the world in and from Freiburg. Since the sensor solution as well as the navigation algorithms are all from a single source, LLN navigators provide a hitherto unachieved level of system integrity upon which the driver, commander and the higher-level guidance system can depend.

LLN-GX data sheet