Naval Navigator Gyrocompass Vertical Reference System LFK-150 LITEF


Robust, high-precision fibre optic gyro technology

As a gyro compass and for high-precision stabilisation

The LFK-150 is a further development of the successful family of LLN navigation systems. It combines high-precision fibre optic gyro technology with robustness, as required for military applications. With its low-noise sensor data and heading-attitude angles, the system can be used as a gyro compass and navigation system for ship guidance as well as for a diverse range of high-precision broad bandwidth stabilisation tasks.

Short alignment times and ease of operation are key features. The system has full autonomous operating capability. It can also be operated with journey log support - EM log or DVL - or with position and a journey log by GNSS, and these log support sensors can also be installed at remote positions. The lever arms on these sensors or antennas are compensated accordingly. Equally, the output data can be projected to any desired remote reference point.

The LFK-150 constitutes a fully viable replacement for our digital LSR-85 systems, in operation around the world but no longer in production. Compatibility with the LSR-85 comprises installation as well the electrical interfaces, the connectors and the data logs.

Typical fields of application

  • Gyro compass and navigation system for smaller vessels
  • Heading-attitude reference for weapons and antennas on every size of ship
  • Backup navigation system for submarines
  • With the shock-absorbing mounting plate, the system can also be used for mine-hunters

LFK-150 data sheet