Marine Gyrocompass and AHRS LFK-100 LITEF


Fibre-optic attitude-heading reference system

For rapid heading alignment while at sea

The LFK-100 is based on the self-aligning attitude-heading reference system as for general aviation (LCR-100) and with its compact dimensions (3.6 litre volume), it was adapted to suit the specific requirements for maritime surface vessels and submarines.

The high precision achieved by the fibre optic gyroscopes enables rapid heading alignment at sea. All relevant movement information is sensed and output in broad bandwidth format. As well as the primary data (rotation rates and acceleration figures) in all three axes and the heading and attitude angles, the dynamic altitude (heave) is determined and output.

The system can be linked to digital log information and/or GPS satellite navigation devices, then it also provides precise position data, and/or it can bridge extended periods of GPS downtime. Data output in user-selectable logs is effected over RS-422 interfaces. Redundant power supply inputs increase operational reliability and therefore extend the availability of information to users. Through input of installation correction data, almost any installation position is possible. If required, LFK-100 also transfers measured values for lever arm corrections to a selectable reference location in the vehicle. This provides added flexibility in terms of installation location on board the vehicle.

Typical fields of application

For ships

  • Gyro compass and attitude reference
  • Backup navigation (dead reckoning navigation)
  • Antenna and other platform stabilisations

For submarines

  • Gyro compass and attitude reference
  • Vehicle stabilisation and coupled navigation

LFK-100 data sheet