Eurofighter IMU LITEF


The IMU for the Eurofighter

The EF2000-IMU is an inertial measuring unit with quadruplex redundancy that was developed for the avionics in the Eurofighter. As an inertial measuring unit, it measures the movements of the aerodynamically unstable Eurofighter aircraft continuously and directs this data to the flight controller over a STANAG 3838 interface. In the flight controller, this data is processed in the Control Laws and is then directed to the aircraft actuators. Through this closed feedback control circuit to which the EF2000-IMU contributes continuously, stabilisation of the flight attitude is achieved. This facilitates extreme agility and also delivers an exceptionally high level of performance capability to the aircraft up to close to the edge of its flight envelope.

Here are the functions of the EF2000-IMU:

  • Continuous inertial measurement of rotation rates and acceleration rates
  • Autonomous redundancy management with ultimate reliability
  • Calculation of attitude angles and direction
  • Autonomous Northfinder at the start
  • Calculation of air data
  • Continuous self-monitoring of all functions with indication to the flight controller
  • Designed for the challenging environmental conditions of military mission scenarios
  • Diagnosis of defective modules
  • Modular design