IMU for Taurus LITEF


FOG-based inertial measuring unit

Long life cycle without periodic maintenance

FOG IMUS units comprise three gyro axes for rotational measurement, three accelerometer axes for the measurement of linear acceleration, a processor card, a power unit and a housing with connectors and other mechanical components. Other configurations are possible and can be developed easily on the basis of the modular inertial sensor concept.

The advantage of FOG technology is that individual requirements can be satisfied easily and quickly.

  • Missile guidance
  • Vehicle guidance
  • Stabilisation of platforms

Solutions for systems with stringent requirements – such as navigation and attitude-heading reference systems – are achieved through the integration of navigation software and the connection of GPS to the IMU.

Free of moving parts, FOG IMUs are resistant to shock and to high levels of vibration. They are extremely reliable and have a long service life without periodic maintenance which reduces life cycle costs.