The LCM-300B magnetometer is a very precise 3-axis strapdown sensor that measures the magnetic field. It determines the direction and strength of the Earth’s magnetic field and transmits this information to the AHRU. The magnetometer works with an input voltage of 28 VDC.

The LCM-300B magnetometer transmits its measured values and function status across a serial digital RS-422 data bus with an HDLC log. It is configured for operation in Auto-Send mode to enable the data to be transmitted automatically and continuously after being switched on.

The sensor system on the LITEF magnetometer is based on the principle of flux gate technology that has already been introduced in the current LITEF AHRS products. The LITEF LCM-300B magnetometer is a compact unit comprising a magnetic sensor unit, sensing and interface electronics and a 28 VDC power supply with filters.

Data sheet LCM-300B