Developed for commercial aviation in accordance with the ARINC-600-6 standard

Relevant to safety and maintenance

The FCDC is an exceptionally reliable computer that was developed for commercial aviation in accordance with the ARINC-600-6 standard. It is used to monitor other on-board systems. Across several ARINC-429 channels and a wide range of analogue and digital interfaces, it continuously checks the safety-critical and maintenance-related parameters. Design: 2 MCU, connector: ARINC-600-6, size 2.

The FCDC is used in the Electrical Flight Control System (EFCS) of the Airbus A320 family, two units being installed in each aircraft. The functions of the FDC are listed here.

  • Collection of all status information from other computers within the EFCS
  • Filtering, monitoring and analysis of all status information
  • Output of warning signals during flight
  • Intermediate storage of detected device defects for aircraft maintenance on ground

The FCDC has a removable data module (On-Board Replaceable Module) which enables functional modifications or aircraft-specific parameters to be implemented without any problem and without removal of the unit.