LiPAD 100 Portable Alignment Device LITEF


Pitch angle, angle of roll and geographic North pole

More freedom of movement in operation

With the novel LiPAD®-100, LITEF is introducing an innovative concept for a portable system for ultra-precise measurement and alignment tasks. LiPAD®-100 is based on many years of experience with high-precision fibre optic rate gyros and MEMS-based accelerometers.

After a brief alignment phase, LiPAD®-100 outputs the data of the pitch angle, the angle of roll and the direction to the geographic North pole, even under dynamic conditions.

The measured values and status figures are displayed on an external display device in an Android-based APP. LiPAD®-100 is also commanded by this APP.

LiPAD®-100 has replaceable, rechargeable batteries which enables it to operate independently for more than five hours.

LiPAD®-100 data sheet

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