ISA 100 Inertial Sensor Assembly LITEF

LITEF LCI-100 und ISA-100

Compensated for temperature and misalignment

For demanding performance requirements

With the LCI-100 and the ISA-100, LITEF provides a flexible inertial measuring unit with a 3-axis FOG triad and a 3-axis accelerometer triad. This was developed for applications with high demands on performance. The data output are compensated for temperature and misalignment.

The inertial sensor unit on the LCI-100 and the ISA-100 is already being used in the volume production of LITEF navigation and flight attitude reference systems. Typical applications in the industrial sector are:

  • platform and antenna stabilisations
  • navigation systems
  • photogrammetry
  • surveying

LCI-100 data sheet
LCI-100C data sheet
ISA-100 data sheet
ISA-100C data sheet