Tornado Main Computer LITEF

Main Computer

For control and navigation

Central computer unit in the avionic system

The MC is the central computer unit in the Tornado Avionic System and it is responsible for:

  • control of the cockpit display (TV-Tabs, HUD etc.)
  • Performing navigation calculations
  • Weapons control
  • Control of the transfer of data between the avionics sub-systems

The MC has flexible architecture and can therefore be equipped with various different processor and interface boards.

The MC is available in three variants:

  • Upgraded Main Computer (UMC) in UK GR4 and in RSAF TORNADOs
  • Enhanced Main Computer (EnMC-P) in IAF TORNADOs
  • Enhanced Main Computer with MIL bus interface (EnMC-P2) in GAF TORNADOs