LITEF goes digital


The LITEF virtual showroom is online

Freiburg, July 15, 2021 | With a virtual showroom, LITEF has recently been giving its customers the opportunity to obtain an overview of its extensive product range in digital form.

However, the Freiburg-based technology company doesn't just consider the showroom to simply be an alternative to its presence at individual trade fairs that have been cancelled; on the contrary, the virtual presentation is to be used as a long-term and permanent communication platform. In contrast to an actual trade fair stand, at which it is usually the case that only part of the LITEF product range can be presented depending on the topic, those visiting the showroom gain an insight into every business area of LITEF and the various areas of application of the products that result. Information on job vacancies, opportunities for internships and student research projects as well as the training opportunities at LITEF complete the showroom’s offering.

Lutz Kampmann, Managing Director of LITEF, is delighted with the result: “New forms of communication are becoming increasingly important, especially with the current Covid-19 pandemic. And that doesn’t just apply to the individual’s private sphere, but also to the world of work: trade fairs aren’t taking place and visits to customers can only be carried out to a very limited extent. With our virtual showroom, we can ensure proximity to our customers in times of travel restrictions and cancelled trade fairs.”

Digital interactions instead of personal encounters

At, the visitor is accorded a friendly welcome at the entrance, the same way as they are at an actual trade fair. After that, the first difference to the real world quickly becomes apparent, as before entering the showroom, the visitors receive information about how the system works and how to move around in the room. They now have a choice and have to decide: would they like to jump straight into one of the business areas and find out about the products, or would they like to be given an overview of the history of LITEF in the entrance area?

In the “Defence”, “Commercial Aviation” and “Industrial Solutions” segments, by clicking on the “+”, the product presentation is supplemented with corresponding data sheets and product descriptions. Through the video clips that are integrated in the showroom, the visitor receives information on the respective areas of application of the products or their mode of operation. Visitors can use the email links in order to contact LITEF.

The basic concept for the showroom was provided by the agency plan-j® of Frankfurt/Main ( Together with the marketing and sales team of LITEF, plan-j® defined the requirements for the showroom and implemented the various requirements regarding the content and presentation. Joe Kinze and Timo Joél, both Managing Directors at plan-j®, are proud of their team’s performance: “With the virtual showroom, we wanted to create more than just a digital trade fair stand for LITEF. It has been designed as a digital experience where visitors can realistically immerse themselves in the LITEF world of products.”

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